April 77

  • Origin: フランス
  • Since: 2002
  • Founded by : Brice Partouche, Ben Bertrand, Mike McCarddle & Kyle MacAbre

Why we love it ?

April 77 is a bro story : created in 2002 by the original members of the punk group Semen Sundae, Brice Partouche, Ben Bertrand, Mike McCarddle et Kyle MacAbre, the brand brings back music and fashion universes of the 70's.

Strong pieces, rebellious attitude and retro touch seize their collections, which play on transgression by enhancing long and thin silhouettes, almost androgynous, super rock'n'roll with a touch of nostalgia.

Coming from a super rock univers, somethimes a tad strong, their collections take the favorites rockers fabrics, leather and jeans in perfectly well cut pieces, backed by an alternative music background that the brand revisits with a dash of trendy humor.

Vibrant and original, April 77 also has a strong ethic, highly contemporary, refusing to use animal materials in their creations.

April 77

Joey Lady Jeans


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